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OSCAR Charpentier

Engaged and experience Wardrobe designer, very responsible for managing all aspects from concept wardrobe design to completion in films, TVC and commercial photography. I love a good challenge and I believe nothing is impossible. My passion for design allows me to approach everything with a positive attitude,originality, flair and enjoy every task. With unique eye for colour and proportion I have uniquely fluid and intuitive understanding of interpreting characters from script and briefs. Having designed and created outfits for various advertising campaigns I have consistently contributed to the creative team with an impeccable attention to detail that compliments creative design. Over the years I have consistently produced a high standard of creative work for a wide variety of clients in print and television,and have
worked on numerous award wining TVC campaigns.


EDUCATION: Sydney college of the Arts - Degree - Sydney Australia
ESMOD Fashion college - Fashion design - Paris France


SKILLS: Designing - conceptual wardrobe drawings proposals for TVC and film with ability to translate and execute complex briefs in a confident, time - effective way. Pattern maker with skills to re-create garments from the pictures and drawings. Producing original wardrobe for Elizabethan,mod,futuristic or everyday styles in my
own studio with all sawing, cutting and pattern making facility.

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